We’re driven to disrupt and rock the status quo to secure a zero-emissions future. We’re passionate about what we do and work collectively and pragmatically to deliver results. We operate in a fast-paced, fluid environment where things are constantly changing and where we’re continually challenged to grow. Come build something special and grow with us.



Job TitleDepartmentLocation
Head of Fuel Cell Systems TestingHydrogen & Fuel CellsPhoenix, ArizonaAPPLY
Head of Fuel Cell System DevelopmentHydrogen & Fuel CellsPhoenix, ArizonaAPPLY
Manager, Internal Requirements, Codes and Standards (H2 Infrastructure)Hydrogen & Fuel CellsPhoenix, ArizonaAPPLY
Manager, Internal Requirements, Codes and Standards (Fuel Cell Vehicles and Fuel Cell Electric Powertrain)Hydrogen & Fuel CellsPhoenix, ArizonaAPPLY
Head of Stack DesignHydrogen & Fuel CellsPhoenix, ArizonaAPPLY
Electronics Hardware Engineer Vehicle TechnologyPhoenix, ArizonaAPPLY
MEA Coating Development Lead Scientist Hydrogen & Fuel CellsPhoenix, ArizonaAPPLY
Manager, Supply Chain and Purchasing (Powersports)FinancePhoenix, ArizonaAPPLY
Vehicle Thermal Systems Engineer Concept EngineeringPhoenix, ArizonaAPPLY
Configuration Control Engineer (Hydrogen)Hydrogen & Fuel CellsPhoenix, ArizonaAPPLY
Controls Engineer (Hydrogen)Hydrogen & Fuel CellsPhoenix, ArizonaAPPLY
Failure Analysis R&D Engineer (Hydrogen)Hydrogen & Fuel CellsPhoenix, ArizonaAPPLY
Pressure Vessel EngineerHydrogen & Fuel CellsPhoenix, ArizonaAPPLY
High Pressure Component Engineer Hydrogen & Fuel CellsPhoenix, ArizonaAPPLY
Medium Pressure Component EngineerHydrogen & Fuel CellsPhoenix, ArizonaAPPLY
Design for Manufacturing Engineer (Hydrogen/Fuel Cells)Hydrogen & Fuel CellsPhoenix, ArizonaAPPLY
Quality Assurance Specialist Hydrogen & Fuel CellsPhoenix, ArizonaAPPLY
Testing Specialist, End of LineHydrogen & Fuel CellsPhoenix, ArizonaAPPLY
Test Engineer, Design Validation & Lifetime Endurance Hydrogen & Fuel CellsPhoenix, ArizonaAPPLY
Manager, Fuel Cell Vehicle Standards Hydrogen & Fuel CellsPhoenix, ArizonaAPPLY
Engineer (FCEV Standards) Hydrogen & Fuel CellsPhoenix, ArizonaAPPLY
Hydrogen Safety Specialist Engineer Hydrogen & Fuel CellsPhoenix, ArizonaAPPLY
Lead Vehicle Test Technician, Hydrogen and Fuel CellHydrogen & Fuel CellsPhoenix, ArizonaAPPLY
Head of Fuel Cell Vehicle TestingHydrogen & Fuel CellsPhoenix, ArizonaAPPLY
Vehicle Controls LeadVehicle TechnologyPhoenix, ArizonaAPPLY
Embedded Systems Vehicle TechnologyPhoenix, ArizonaAPPLY
Software Engineer - Yocto, Linux Kernel, C, C++SoftwarePhoenix, ArizonaAPPLY
Head of Hydrogen Station DeploymentHydrogen & Fuel CellsPhoenix, ArizonaAPPLY
E-Axle Senior Product EngineerPowersportsPhoenix, AZAPPLY
Vehicle Attributes/V&V LeadPowersportsPhoenix, AZAPPLY
Chassis Engineering LeadPowersportsPhoenix, AZAPPLY
Vehicle Test LeadPowersportsPhoenix, AZAPPLY
Senior Software Engineer (Front End)SoftwarePhoenix, ArizonaAPPLY
Vehicle Body Controls LeadVehicle TechnologyPhoenix, AZAPPLY
EE Systems Engineering LeadVehicle TechnologyPhoenix, AZAPPLY
HIL Validation Lead Vehicle TechnologyPhoenix, AZAPPLY
Lead ECU Hardware EngineerVehicle TechnologyPhoenix, AZAPPLY
EDS Wiring Systems Engineer Vehicle TechnologyPhoenix, AZAPPLY
Manager, Change ManagementProgram ManagementPhoenix, ArizonaAPPLY
EDS – Wire Harness Design Release EngineerVehicle TechnologyPhoenix, AZAPPLY


Transform the transportation industry while improving our employees' lives and leaving the world a better place.



We disrupt and innovate, constantly pursuing progression and improvement. We push each other to think broadly, go further and achieve more.


We work quickly and get things done. We value simplicity and cut red tape. We take risks and learn from our mistakes.


Safety, quality, integrity and attitude. We take our personal behavior seriously and put the success of the team above our own. We think about how our work affects others.

Act As

We treat the company and its resources as if they're our own. We trust each other's capabilities. We understand that as the organization succeeds, we succeed.