Vehicle Thermal Systems Engineer

Phoenix, Arizona


OVERVIEW Advance leading edge development, validation and commissioning of thermal systems for the powertrain, energy storage, electronics, and passenger cabin of our new family of vehicles. Contribute practical leadership, predictive analysis, and troubleshooting support to the powertrain, electronics and HVAC systems and controls engineering teams, key partners and suppliers. Apply your experience, technical skills, and knowledge cooperatively with other experts to specify thermal systems requirements and apply best thermal systems engineering development practices to bring our hydrogen fuel and battery electric powered vehicles into the marketplace. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS * Interpret operational use cases and develop corresponding thermal systems requirements. * Model system architecture sufficiently to develop thermal, flow and pressure requirements. * Coordinate components sizing and selection for prototype and series production sourcing. * Determine necessary advanced analysis (CFD, FEA), coordinate efforts and interpret results. * Assist with hardware in the loop system builds, test and analysis and controls development. * Assist with in-vehicle packaging design of thermal systems components and fluid handling. * Manage risk analysis assessments and create verification, validation and correlation plans. * Specify and oversee thermal systems instrumentation installations, procedures, and testing. TARGET QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE * A Bachelor of Science (or Masters) degree in Engineering from accredited university with a minimum of 5 years experience in the field of vehicle thermal systems development. * Thermal and fluidic system modelling, design, testing, and correlation for powertrain and electronics cooling and HVAC systems. * Optimization of thermal systems designs using 1D software tools such as AMESIM, GT-SUITE, KULI.

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