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Accounts Payable SpecialistCorporate FunctionsPhoenix, Arizona
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Systems EngineerFCEVPhoenix, Arizona
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) TechnicianFCEVPhoenix, Arizona
Advanced Manufacturing Engineering ManagerManufacturingPhoenix, Arizona
Advanced Manufacturing TechnicianManufacturingCoolidge, Arizona
Analyst, People OperationsCorporate FunctionsCoolidge, Arizona
Autonomous Driving (AD) Developer EngineerFCEVPhoenix, Arizona
Autonomous Driving Partnership ManagerBEVPhoenix, Arizona
Brake and Steering Senior Systems EngineerFCEVPhoenix, Arizona
Brake Systems Staff EngineerBEVPhoenix, Arizona
Brakes Technical SpecialistBEVPhoenix, Arizona
CDL Driving Instructor / DriverSafetyPhoenix, Arizona
Chassis Senior Mechanical Design EngineerBEVPhoenix, Arizona
CNC MachinistManufacturingPhoenix, Arizona
Commissioning EngineerFCEVPhoenix, Arizona
Construction Manager, Hydrogen Production PlantEnergy and CommercialTerre Haute, Indiana
Construction Project InternInternshipsCoolidge, Arizona
Contract Recruiter, Coolidge FactoryCorporate FunctionsCoolidge, Arizona
Controls Development EngineerFCEVPhoenix, Arizona
Controls EngineerBEVPhoenix, Arizona
Controls Validation EngineerFCEVPhoenix, Arizona
Corporate Counsel, ContractsCorporate FunctionsPhoenix, Arizona
Corporate Finance and Strategy, AssociateCorporate FunctionsPhoenix, Arizona
Corporate Staff AccountantCorporate FunctionsPhoenix, Arizona
Data Scientist- Vehicle SoftwareSoftwarePhoenix, Arizona
Director of High Voltage BatteryFCEVPhoenix, Arizona
Director Truck Cab EngineeringFCEVPhoenix, Arizona
Director, Business DevelopmentEnergy and CommercialPhoenix, Arizona
Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations DeveloperSoftwarePhoenix, Arizona
Electrical and Electronic Systems Automation Software EngineerBEVPhoenix, Arizona
Electrical and Electronic Systems Test Automation LeadBEVPhoenix, Arizona
Electrical DesignerEnergy and CommercialPhoenix, Arizona
Electrical Engineer Component Design and ReleaseBEVPhoenix, Arizona
Electrical Engineer, Human Machine InterfaceBEVPhoenix, Arizona
Electrical Project EngineerBEVPhoenix, Arizona
Electrical TechnicianBEVPhoenix, Arizona
Electronic Control Unit Hardware EngineerBEVPhoenix, Arizona
Engineer Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle StandardsFCEVPhoenix, Arizona
Entry Level Wire Harness EngineerBEVPhoenix, Arizona
Expense AdministratorCorporate FunctionsPhoenix, Arizona
Experienced Vehicle Controls EngineerBEVPhoenix, Arizona
Fastener Design EngineerBEVPhoenix, Arizona
FMEA Lead EngineerBEVPhoenix, Arizona
Fuel Cell Controls Development EngineerFCEVPhoenix, Arizona
Fuel Cell MEA ScientistFCEVPhoenix, Arizona
Fuel Cell Systems Testing EngineerFCEVPhoenix, Arizona
Functional Safety Vehicle Test EngineerFCEVPhoenix, Arizona
Global Supply Manager, Battery SystemsSupply ChainPhoenix, Arizona
Global Supply Manager, Chassis and Metallic SystemsSupply ChainPhoenix, Arizona
Heavy Duty Truck TechnicianManufacturingCoolidge, Arizona
High Voltage Device 3D EngineerBEVPhoenix, Arizona
Hydrogen Storage TechnicianFCEVPhoenix, Arizona
Industrial Hygiene SpecialistSafetyPhoenix, Arizona
Industrial Maintenance TechnicianManufacturingCoolidge, Arizona
Intern, Supply Chain and PurchasingInternshipsPhoenix, Arizona
Java Software EngineerManufacturingCoolidge, Arizona
Junior Embedded Cybersecurity EngineerBEVPhoenix, Arizona
Land Manager, Energy Midstream and DownstreamEnergy and CommercialPhoenix, Arizona
Lead Body Systems EngineerFCEVPhoenix, Arizona
Lead Chassis Systems EngineerFCEVPhoenix, Arizona
Lead Crash Validation EngineerBEVPhoenix, Arizona
Lead Electrical TechnicianBEVPhoenix, Arizona
Lead Engineer CAE DurabilityFCEVPhoenix, Arizona
Lead Engineer CAE MBDFCEVPhoenix, Arizona
Lead Engineer CAE NVHFCEVPhoenix, Arizona
Lead Engineer HV Battery TestingFCEVPhoenix, Arizona
Lead Fuel Cell Management Calibration Validation EngineerFCEVPhoenix, Arizona
Lead Fuel Cell System Engineer, RemoteFCEVPhoenix, Arizona
Lead Functional Safety Engineer - Fuel Cell Electric VehicleSafetyPhoenix, Arizona
Lead Interior Systems EngineerFCEVPhoenix, Arizona
Lead Power Electronics Systems EngineerBEVPhoenix, Arizona
Lead Systems Modeling & Validation EngineerBEVPhoenix, Arizona
Lead Thermal Management Module Calibration Validation EngineerFCEVPhoenix, Arizona
Lead User Experience DesignerDesignPhoenix, Arizona
Lead User Interface DesignerDesignPhoenix, Arizona
Lead Vehicle Control Module Calibration Validation EngineerFCEVPhoenix, Arizona
Lead Vehicle Designer, InteriorDesignPhoenix, Arizona
Lead Vehicle Integration EngineerFCEVPhoenix, Arizona
Lead Visual Designer, BrandCorporate FunctionsPhoenix, Arizona
Manager Truck Thermal SystemsFCEVPhoenix, Arizona
Manager Vehicle Controls DevelopmentFCEVPhoenix, Arizona
Manager Vehicle Reliability EngineeringBEVPhoenix, Arizona
Manager, Energy Midstream and Downstream Commercial OperationsEnergy and CommercialPhoenix, Arizona
Manufacturing Execution Systems InternInternshipsCoolidge, Arizona
Marketing Manager, DealershipsCorporate FunctionsPhoenix, Arizona
Master Service TechnicianEnergy and CommercialPhoenix, Arizona
Material ExpeditorManufacturingCoolidge, Arizona
Material PlannerManufacturingCoolidge, Arizona
Material Readiness AnalystQualityPhoenix, Arizona
Materials Compliance ManagerSafetyPhoenix, Arizona
Nikola Energy AnalystEnergy and CommercialPhoenix, Arizona
NPI CoordinatorManufacturingCoolidge, Arizona
Operations SpecialistManufacturingCoolidge, Arizona
Paint and Body TechnicianManufacturingCoolidge, Arizona
Parts ManagerEnergy and CommercialPhoenix, Arizona
People Insights ManagerCorporate FunctionsPhoenix, Arizona
Power Electronics EngineerBEVPhoenix, Arizona
Powertrain EngineerFCEVPhoenix, Arizona
Powertrain Vehicle Test EngineerFCEVPhoenix, Arizona
Process EngineerManufacturingCoolidge, Arizona
Process Engineering InternInternshipsCoolidge, Arizona
Product Lifecycle Management Engineer - SystemsBEVPhoenix, Arizona
Product ManagerBEVPhoenix, Arizona
Production AssociateManufacturingCoolidge, Arizona
Production Control ManagerManufacturingCoolidge, Arizona
Production Control PlannerManufacturingCoolidge, Arizona
Production Process LeadManufacturingCoolidge, Arizona
Production SupervisorManufacturingCoolidge, Arizona
Program AnalystManufacturingCoolidge, Arizona
Program Manager Codes and StandardsFCEVPhoenix, Arizona
Program Manager, Tre BEV Supplier Performance and StrategiesBEVPhoenix, Arizona
Program PlannerManufacturingCoolidge, Arizona
Project Controls Manager, Hydrogen Production PlantEnergy and CommercialTerre Haute, Indiana
Project Director, Hydrogen Production PlantEnergy and CommercialTerre Haute, Indiana
Project Engineer E-DrivelineBEVPhoenix, Arizona
Project Engineer, Electronic HardwareBEVPhoenix, Arizona
Project Engineer, Hydrogen Production PlantEnergy and CommercialTerre Haute, Indiana
Project Manager, Modeling & ValidationBEVPhoenix, Arizona
Quality InspectorQualityCoolidge, Arizona
Receiving SpecialistCorporate FunctionsPhoenix, Arizona
Receiving Specialist (Coolidge, AZ)Corporate FunctionsCoolidge, Arizona
REMOTE Technical Contract RecruiterCorporate FunctionsPhoenix, Arizona
Safety Specialist, ErgonomicsSafetyCoolidge, Arizona
Senior Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Mechanical EngineerFCEVPhoenix, Arizona
Senior Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Test & Validation EngineerFCEVPhoenix, Arizona
Senior Brand CopywriterCorporate FunctionsPhoenix, Arizona
Senior CAE Acoustics EngineerBEVPhoenix, Arizona
Senior Chassis Structures EngineerBEVPhoenix, Arizona
Senior Corporate AccountantCorporate FunctionsPhoenix, Arizona
Senior Cost AccountantCorporate FunctionsCoolidge, Arizona
Senior Digital Sculptor, ContractDesignPhoenix, Arizona
Senior Director, Energy Midstream and Downstream OriginationEnergy and CommercialPhoenix, Arizona
Senior Durability EngineerBEVPhoenix, Arizona
Senior Dynamics ERP Functional Analyst, FinanceCorporate FunctionsPhoenix, Arizona
Senior EDS Wire Harness Design Release EngineerBEVPhoenix, Arizona
Senior EDS Wiring Systems EngineerBEVPhoenix, Arizona
Senior Electrical and Electronic Systems EngineerBEVPhoenix, Arizona
Senior Electrical Design EngineerBEVPhoenix, Arizona
Senior Electrical Engineer Battery Management SystemBEVPhoenix, Arizona
Senior Electrical Engineer Human Machine InterfaceBEVPhoenix, Arizona
Senior Embedded Cybersecurity EngineerBEVPhoenix, Arizona
Senior Engineer Vehicle IntegrationFCEVPhoenix, Arizona
Senior Global Supply Manager, Energy InfrastructureSupply ChainPhoenix, Arizona
Senior High Voltage Battery Test and Validation EngineerBEVPhoenix, Arizona
Senior Integrated Electronics Systems EngineerBEVPhoenix, Arizona
Senior Manager, Energy Midstream and Downstream OriginationEnergy and CommercialPhoenix, Arizona
Senior Manager, Powertrain SystemFCEVPhoenix, Arizona
Senior Manager, Vehicle Service and WarrantyEnergy and CommercialPhoenix, Arizona
Senior Mechanical Design Engineer Exterior ComponentsBEVPhoenix, Arizona
Senior Mechatronic EngineerFCEVPhoenix, Arizona
Senior Program Manager Verification and ValidationFCEVPhoenix, Arizona
Senior Project Engineer Powertrain Systems - GERMANYFCEVPhoenix, Arizona
Senior Project Planner and SchedulerEnergy and CommercialPhoenix, Arizona
Senior Quality Assurance Engineer- Vehicle Software TeamSoftwarePhoenix, Arizona
Senior Security Software EngineerSoftwarePhoenix, Arizona
Senior Simulation Engineer Power ManagementFCEVPhoenix, Arizona
Senior Software Application EngineerFCEVPhoenix, Arizona
Senior Software EngineerSoftwarePhoenix, Arizona
Senior Systems EngineerFCEVPhoenix, Arizona
Senior Technical Battery EngineerFCEVPhoenix, Arizona
Senior Technician Control SystemsFCEVPhoenix, Arizona
Senior Thermal Systems EngineerFCEVPhoenix, Arizona
Senior User Experience DesignerDesignPhoenix, Arizona
Senior User Interface DesignerDesignPhoenix, Arizona
Senior Validation and Verification Durability EngineerBEVPhoenix, Arizona
Senior Vehicle Controls EngineerBEVPhoenix, Arizona
Senior Vehicle Electrical Validation EngineerBEVPhoenix, Arizona
Senior Vehicle Network ArchitectFCEVPhoenix, Arizona
Senior Vehicle Validation and Verification EngineerBEVPhoenix, Arizona
Senior Web DeveloperSoftwarePhoenix, Arizona
Senior Embedded Software EngineerBEVPhoenix, Arizona
Software EngineerSoftwarePhoenix, Arizona
Software Product Manager, Cloud & TelematicsSoftwarePhoenix, Arizona
Specialist, RewardsCorporate FunctionsPhoenix, Arizona
Sr. Clay Modeler, ContractDesignPhoenix, Arizona
Staff Engineer eDrivelineFCEVPhoenix, Arizona
System Engineer Fuel Cell SystemFCEVPhoenix, Arizona
Technical AuthorFCEVPhoenix, Arizona
Technical Contract RecruiterCorporate FunctionsPhoenix, Arizona
Technical Program Manager ADASFCEVPhoenix, Arizona
Technical Program Manager ChassisFCEVPhoenix, Arizona
Technical Program Manager Electrical BatteryFCEVPhoenix, Arizona
Technical Program Manager PowertrainFCEVPhoenix, Arizona
Technical WriterManufacturingCoolidge, Arizona
Thermal Controls Development EngineerFCEVPhoenix, Arizona
Thermal Vehicle Test EngineerFCEVPhoenix, Arizona
Utility Field Service EngineerEnergy and CommercialPhoenix, Arizona
Vehicle Controls Development EngineerFCEVPhoenix, Arizona
Vehicle Test EngineerFCEVPhoenix, Arizona
Warehouse AssociateManufacturingCoolidge, Arizona