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PHOENIX, AZ (August 27, 2018) -- Nikola Motor Company is welcoming everyone to Phoenix April 16-18, 2019 for a new blockbuster event, Nikola World.

The first two days, April 16 and 17, are devoted to invite-only Nikola reservation holders, suppliers, media and investors while April 18 will be reserved for the public.

On April 16, Nikola will unveil the pre-production hydrogen electric semi-truck, 2.3 megawatt hydrogen station and the Nikola NZT 4X4. April 17 will be dedicated to demonstration drives and hydrogen filling. On April 18, the public is invited to see the latest trucks and NZT in action.

“Not only will our team be unveiling the most advanced production semi-truck the world has ever seen, but we will also be revealing the Nikola NZT all-electric 4x4 vehicle and a massive 2.3 megawatt hydrogen station. This is why we named it Nikola World - we want to create a better place to live where emissions are eliminated,” said Trevor Milton, CEO, Nikola Motor Company.

Nikola World registration will open on December 3, 2018 at www.nikolamotor.com. All the activities will be free.

Milton added: “The largest fleets and customers in the world will attend this event and they will see what no other OEM could deliver – a production-ready, zero emission semi-truck, with over 1,000-mile range, 20 percent less operating costs per mile, more horsepower, torque and safety features than any other diesel ever built, and a startup did it. Remember that!”

The highlight of the event will be the Nikola truck, hydrogen station and NZT unveilings, followed by a series of demonstration drives. While only a few lucky guests will be in the vehicles during the drives, the truck and NZT will be available for viewing by everyone while in action. Nikola will also show off their 2.3 megawatt hydrogen station in Phoenix during the event.

To date, the company has nearly eleven billion dollars in pre-order reservations. Ryder System and Thompson Caterpillar will be on site at the event to work with fleets and customers to finalize orders.

By 2028, Nikola is planning on having more than 700 hydrogen stations across the USA and Canada. Each station is capable of up to 8,000 kgs of daily hydrogen production.

Media Credentials
Accredited media should contact Robar PR at crobar@robarpr.com for Nikola World credentials.

Nikola Motor Company designs and manufactures electric vehicles, vehicle components, energy storage systems, and electric vehicle drivetrains. NMC is led by its visionary CEO Trevor Milton (Twitter: @nikolatrevor), who has assembled one of the most talented teams in the country to bring the Nikola products to market. The company is privately-held. For more information, visit nikolamotor.com or Twitter: @nikolamotor.

MEDIA CONTACT: Colleen Robar, crobar@robarpr.com, 313-207-5960.


Q: What is Nikola World?
A: Nikola World is a new milestone event that will showcase the latest Nikola products, including an unveiling of the pre-production hydrogen electric semi-truck, 2.3 megawatt hydrogen station and the Nikola NZT 4X4 vehicle. This will be an event to remember.

Q: When is Nikola World?
A: Nikola World will be April 16 - 18, 2019 in Phoenix.

Q: Who is invited to Nikola World 2019?
A: Nikola World is an “Invite Only” event for the first two days. The third day will be open to a limited number of public guests. The RSVP website will open on December 3, 2018 for all to apply.

Q: Can I watch Nikola World at home?
A: Yes. The main events will be live streamed around the world via YouTube.

Q: How and when do I RSVP?
A: You can apply to attend beginning December 3, 2018 at www.nikolamotor.com.

Q: Is there a fee to attend Nikola World 2019?
A: The event is free and the food and drinks at the event are free. We will send out a briefing packet to accepted guests detailing the agenda and what they should bring with them.

Q: Can I attend all the events at Nikola World 2019?
A: Depending on your pass, certain events will be VIP or Media Only. All invite-only passholders will gain access to the unveiling ceremony and the first two days of the event, along with the ability to see the Nikola products in action.

Q: Will there be test drives?
A: Yes, on the second day, there will be demo rides given for a select number of confirmed reservations. Nikola drivers will take guests for rides in both the Nikola truck and NZT. We cannot guarantee all media or customers will get a chance to ride in the Nikola truck or NZT.

Q: Will I be able to drive the Nikola truck or Nikola NZT?
A: Our insurance requires that Nikola drivers maintain control of the vehicles. Approved guests will be allowed to experience it as a passenger.

Q: What will be unveiled in Nikola World 2019?
A: The pre-production Nikola Two hydrogen electric semi-truck, Nikola’s hydrogen station and the latest production intent Nikola NZT will be unveiled. Nikola may have a few surprises as well. You won’t want to miss this.

Q: Can I bring a camera to the event?
A: Yes. You are welcome to shoot photos and video during the event.

Q: Will accommodations, shuttles or food be provided?
A: Guests will be responsible for their own hotels, but Nikola will cater lunch and dinner each day on location. Shuttles will be available to partner hotels. The hotels and discounted rates will be shared on the website on December 3, 2018.

Q: Where is the event located?
A: The event will be in Phoenix. The exact event location will be announced on December 3, 2018.

Q: What is the preliminary event schedule?
April 16 -- Main event, unveiling and after party--INVITE ONLY
April 17 -- Test drives and customer experience events--INVITE ONLY
April 18 -- Opens to public - LIMITED PASSES AVAILABLE

Q: Will Nikola’s partners be onsite at the event?
A: Yes. Our partners will have a presence at Nikola World 2019. Most will have booths and will host workshops to showcase their products and how they integrate with Nikola. A complete list of our participating worldwide suppliers will be on the registration page on December 3.

Q: I have a Nikola truck or NZT reserved. Am I guaranteed a spot for April 16-17?
A: All guests will need to apply to attend, but priority status will be extended to existing reservation holders.

Q: Will you take meetings with prospective suppliers during the event?
A: Separate appointments with Nikola executives should be made at another time. We will have a booth on site for potential future suppliers to meet our purchasing team.

Q: I want to work for Nikola. Will you be hosting a job fair as well?
A: Yes. We will have a job fair throughout the show and you can also apply at https://nikolamotor.com/careers/jobs.

Q: Will I be able to meet Nikola employees and or executives?
A: Our entire team will be at the show and you will meet numerous Nikola employees. You may even run into our executive team as they are very social.


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