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UP TO $150,000*
Per Truck


New York


UP TO $185,000**
Per Truck


Limited pool of first-come, first-served incentives available

*Subject to availability and satisfaction of HVIP requirements.
$150,000 for Class 8 trucks performing drayage operations.
$120,000 for Class 8 trucks performing non-drayage operations.

**Subject to availability and satisfaction of NYTVIP requirements.

A reimagined cabover for short-haul, metro-regional applications
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up to
733 kWh2
Battery Capacity
645 HP
80% Charge
1Range estimate was calculated using data obtained from Nikola proving grounds testing, real-world vehicle operation, and computational-based engineering and validation tools. Actual range will vary based on several factors including use case, vehicle characteristics, driver behavior, and environmental conditions.
2Change due to a change in cell manufacturer.
Driving Satisfaction. Be in control of every mile of your route, with comfort and advanced intuitive features.
The Nikola Tre BEV provides a spacious and well-laid-out environment rich in comfort features and advanced technology. With its high visibility and smooth ride, free of the noise and odor of a diesel engine, the Nikola Tre BEV is set to become your driver's favorite vehicle and the envy of the other drivers on the road.
The Nikola Tre BEV 6x2 packs up to 733kWh of energy into a compact 186" wheelbase, which means it has the power, range (up to 330 miles), and maneuverability to address a variety of metro-regional applications while operating at a lower cost than conventional diesel tractors.
Beyond its distinctive and award-winning design, the Nikola Tre BEV is a reliable heavy-duty truck built upon a proven IVECO S-Wayplatform. You can rest assured that the Nikola Tre BEV will be a durable workhorse that will keep your drivers on the road and reduce your overall maintenance cost.


Nikola offers an entire solution to ensure you have little to no downtime in transitioning your fleets.

The Nikola Tre BEV uses industry-standard charging connections, CCS1 and CCS2. We know the transition to zero-emissions can be difficult, so we offer consultation services to help you set up mobile charging solutions to get you on the road quickly and permanent charging solutions to help you scale up to meet the needs of your zero-emission fleet.
Nikola has established a service network that is second to none. When you need us, we’ll be there to keep you on the road. Backed by a comprehensive warranty, you can be confident that we have you covered.
The Nikola Tre BEV is built with advanced connectivity features to ensure that you stay in contact with your drivers and with the truck. If there’s a problem, you’ll know about it. Your fleet managers and support specialists will always know what’s happening with your vehicles so that any issues can be assessed accurately and quickly.
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150,000 Reasons to Electrify
Your Fleet with a Nikola Tre BEV

150,000 Reasons
to Electrify Your Fleet
with a Nikola Tre BEV

What do you want to know about going Electric?
Frequently Asked Questions
We currently offer lease and direct purchase options and are happy to discuss how we can support your financing needs.
Incentives are currently available in California and New York for HD trucks. With the current administration, we are hopeful that Federal incentives will be available and additional states adopt programs similar to CA and NY.
Yes. We have a suite of comprehensive solutions that range from mobile charging to permanent infrastructure, including an operational assessment and energy optimization. We will work with you to provide the best solution.
The truck is charged through a Non-Proprietary CCS type 1 connector and a charging station.
Yes. Nikola has developed the Mobile Charging Trailer (MCT) for the Tre BEV. This flexible solution can be leveraged as a bridge until a permanent solution can be found, a backup for events when you need to move away from your permanent infrastructure (natural disasters) or when power is not available (blackouts/brownouts).
Electric HD vehicles have fewer moving parts and may require less maintenance. This is currently the case in electric passenger cars and busses, so it is plausible that the same will be true with HD trucks. Without an emissions or fuel delivery system, transmission or driveline, the core mx component items have been drastically reduced which should translate to reduced mx.
Our Coolidge, AZ facility will be the primary production facility for the North American Market, supported by the sister production facility in Ulm, Germany for additional capacity if needed.
Nikola trucks can be purchased through our authorized dealers.
We currently have over 116 dealer locations that will sell & service Nikola trucks. We continue to add additional locations to our dealer network to ensure the vehicles have service options available.
We have partnered with a world class logistics provider to support, supply, and deliver parts efficiently to minimize downtime.
For Nikola vehicles, both are based on an electric drivetrain. The difference is the system responsible for generating the electric energy (batteries for the BEV; hydrogen fuel cells for the FCEV) that powers the electric drivetrain.
Our truck rides very smoothly with instant power and acceleration. You do not feel the shifting through the gears and it is much quieter than its diesel equivalent. Another difference is regenerative braking which is used both to slow the vehicle down and generate energy that goes back to the battery to assist with range.
Every modern battery system experiences some degree of degradation over its life cycle which can impact the range of an associated vehicle. We strive to limit the impact of battery degradation on vehicle range through the engineering of our vehicle systems and note that proper vehicle operation and maintenance are key to maximizing battery system life and vehicle range.