Torque1,650 ft-lbs2,000 ft-lbs
Range500-750 miles800 - 1,200 miles
Top Speed Up Hills (6%)20 - 40 MPH65 MPH
On DescentExhaust & Friction BrakesRecharging & Saving Brakes
Acceleration 0-60 MPH Under Load60 seconds30 seconds
MPG7.5 MPG13 - 15 MPG
Weight19,000 - 23,000 lbs18,000 - 21,000 lbs
Nikola Power


The custom electric motors of the Nikola Two™ operate at 95% efficiency, so when it comes to hills they are quicker going up and saving money going down. While other trucks are losing energy and riding their brakes, Nikola Two™ is capturing energy and saving its brakes, minimizing noise and cost.

Nikola Acceleration


While diesel engines require high RPM's to reach peak torque, the Nikola Two™ electric motors hit peak torque almost instantly.

Instant torque combined with all wheel drive give Nikola Two™ the ability to accelerate nearly 2x faster than a stock diesel tractor.

Nikola MPG

2-3x MORE

There are several factors that give Nikola Two™ the advantage when it comes to fuel economy:

  • Better aerodynamics
  • Using energy only when needed (no idling)
  • Charging batteries via regenerative braking
  • 6X4 four-wheel drive - pulling and pushing at the same time
  • Up to 95% efficient electric motors
  • Up to 70% efficient fuel cell
Nikola Weight


When pulling at max capacity, every pound counts.

With nearly 2,000 lbs of weight savings on the chassis, owners can throw more goods on each load. Every pound after max load may be worth as much as $.50. By saving up to 2,000 lbs, owners could earn approximately $1,000 in extra revenue from every load, every day. Owners that run at full load could see up to $30,000 or more each month in revenue straight to the bottom line.

Aerial Surround VisionNoYes
Stopping Distance Under Full Load280 ftAround 250 ft
Center of GravityHigh Above Frame RailAt or Below Frame Rail
Torque VectoringNoYes
6X4 Four-Wheel DriveNoYes
Nikola Surround Vision


The advanced surround view system shows the driver on the 15 inch touchscreen a virtual aerial view of the area around the truck and trailer in real time, making blind spots a thing of the past.

Several high definition cameras throughout the vehicle combine with radar, sonar and computing software and hardware to provide 360° views. Utilizing this technology while backing and driving optimizes visibility and safety.

Nikola Stop Faster


Safety standards require trucks to stop under full load in under 300 ft.

With 6X4 regenerative braking and air disk brakes, our electric semi truck can stop faster than any other semi truck on the market. Nikola One™ begins braking within 10 milliseconds; hundreds of times faster than advanced air-only disc brakes. Negative torque applied by the same electric motors brings braking to a whole new level.

Nikola Panoramic Views


Without a heavy, noisy, cumbersome diesel engine in the front of the vehicle, Nikola™ was able to move the driver forward, add a panoramic windshield, and give the driver better visibility from more angles. This means safer driving, better visibility and less accidents.

Nikola Lower Center of Gravity


Diesel powered tractors have a high center of gravity due to the natural placement of the engine and weight of the cab to support the engine.

Nikola™ has lowered the center of gravity by removing the diesel engine, transmission, emissions equipment and installing batteries, electric motors and a fuel cell below the frame rail. This keeps the center of gravity lower than any other semi truck on the market. Lower center of gravity means more control and safer driving.

Nikola Torque Vectoring


Torque vectoring is one of the most advanced features for heavy duty trucking. It allows control of each wheel independently through drive-by-wire. By communicating with the motors up to 30 times a second, the speed of each wheel can be adjusted while cornering, maneuvering, accelerating and braking - making it safer for drivers.

Nikola Two Inside


1 Front Radiator Assembly

Massive electric fans attached to state-of-the-art radiators. These fans can scale through software to the correct RPM needed to keep the truck, batteries, cab, fuel cell, motors and gearboxes nice and cold under any circumstance. No more power take off units (PTO's), as seen in traditional diesel tractors. These electric motors are 95% efficient - a first for the trucking industry.

2 Nikola™ Motor Gearbox / Steering Front End

A 14,000 lb front end, custom made to incorporate two electric motors and two gearboxes allowing for torque vectoring and best in class performance while providing a smooth ride for the driver.

3 Power Electronics

The truck needs a sophisticated power-electronics box to manage the energy the fuel cell produces. This custom built device took nearly a year to develop. It takes 200 kW of energy, cleans it up, then dumps it in the batteries at a constant 800V DC - keeping the batteries topped off when needed.

4 Nikola™ Battery Storage System

There are over 32,000 individual lithium-ion cells welded together on the Nikola Two™, resulting in a 320 kilowatt hour (kWh) battery pack. That is 3x the pack size of a Tesla Model S P90D.

5 Chiller and Air Tanks

The 800 volt chiller provides cold water to cool the batteries and, like many parts on the truck, was custom built. The air tanks keep the backup air disc brakes DOT compliant and offer redundancy - another first in the transportation industry.

6 Fuel Cell

The fuel cell outputs nearly 300 kilowatts (kW) of clean energy straight to the batteries, keeping them charged. This proprietary fuel cell has the ability to turn on and off within seconds. The fuel cell runs on zero emission hydrogen.

7 Hydrogen Fuel System

The battery bank is charged by a fuel cell, which needs fuel. There is enough hydrogen on board to power this truck up to 1,200 miles without stopping to fill up.

8 Rear Motor Gearbox Housing and Independent Suspension

This patent-pending, custom built housing can support up to 46,000 lbs. and holds both electric motors and gearboxes. It also helps support the first ever Short Long Arm (SLA) suspension in the linehaul industry - creating a super smooth ride.

9 5th Wheel

The innovative HOLLAND FWAL aluminum fifth wheel is the lightest weight standard duty fifth wheel in the industry. Lighter than competitive fifth wheels, the FWAL is designed for standard-duty applications and forged from the same alloy as Alcoa's aluminum truck wheels. The LowLube technology reduces customer maintenance time and costs, while keeping our environment cleaner.

Nikola Shipments


The Nikola Two™ 21 inch touchscreen controls most of the vehicle's functions. The touchscreen displays and controls a variety of vehicle dynamics including battery levels, range, wheel torque, cabin controls, navigation and vehicle data - a first for heavy duty trucking.

The 21 inch touchscreen display also houses the Nikola Shipments™ software. With this advanced freight software, a driver can simply input their departure and arrival locations and times and they will be provided with all available shipments, Nikola Hydrogen Stations and Nikola Service Centers located along their route. The driver can then filter the available shipments by value and added time, and then add them to their route, all from the 21" touchscreen display.

AM/FM/HD radio, online radio, on-demand Internet radio, Bluetooth®, and USB audio devices.

Navigation / GPS / Map / Route optimization
Smart navigation via GPS and communication (anticipating grades, speed limit changes, congestion, etc.); real time traffic information; route optimization; congestion avoidance.

Several high definition cameras around the vehicle provide backing and 360° views while driving, optimizing visibility and safety.

Bluetooth-enabled, voice controlled handsfree phone system.

Calendar synchronization for daily schedule and tap navigation interface.

Compliance / Safety
Integrated electronic logging, driver performance monitoring and reporting; distance minimization; vehicle management; road speed limiting; driver management; HOS monitoring; smart gearing; acceleration control; idle management.

Nikola Two™ drivers can customize the display configuration and software can be updated and upgraded via over-the-air software updates adding new features.

Real time energy consumption and range estimation.

Nikola Two Interior


Nikola™ Motor Services Portal gives service representatives up to the minute delivery times and customer systems data, allowing for fast and efficient repairs, keeping teams on the road.

View purchase orders, invoices, payment records, service manuals, training videos and more, all online. With 4G uplink, Nikola™ can update trucks over the air and always have them ready to drive.

Fleet owners can go online at anytime and view trips, track miles, see energy consumption and view driver histories. Track vehicles by simply signing in and track it just like a lost phone. With GPS tracking, trucks have never been more trackable.

Nikola Complete Leasing Program


Nikola's Complete Lease Program includes hydrogen fuel, warranty and scheduled maintenance.

We get asked about the cost of ownership more than anything else. For this reason, we created the Nikola™ Complete Leasing Program. This will allow owner-operators and fleets to get into a new Nikola One™ or Nikola Two™ and know their total cost of ownership every single month, regardless of fluctuating fuel costs and miles driven. On approved credit, the Nikola™ Complete Leasing Program will offer hydrogen fuel, warranty and scheduled maintenance. Owners will be able to trade-in for a new Nikola One™ every 84 months. Whether you drive 8,000 miles per month solo or 16,000 miles per month as a team, your fuel cost is covered by Nikola™*. Tax, title and license not included. More information will be updated to reservation holders and our website regarding details of the lease program.

Already reserved a Nikola truck? Don't worry, you will have the choice to choose between buying or leasing later when we finalize the design and order with you.

*Lease price may vary based on miles of fuel included with lease

Do the Math.
See the Monthly Savings.



Monthly Cost to
Operate All Trucks:





















*Based on diesel cost of $2.50 per gallon, diesel MPG of 6, and free* hydrogen fuel from Nikola™ as part of the Nikola™ Complete Leasing Program. Lease payments may vary.

Torque1,650 ft-lbs2,000 ft-lbs
Range500 -750 miles1,200 miles
Top Speed Up Hills (6%)20 - 40 MPH65 MPH
On DescentExhaust & Friction BrakesRecharging & Saving Brakes
Acceleration 0-60 MPH Under Load60 seconds30 seconds
MPG7.5 MPG13 - 15 MPG
Weight19,000 - 23,000 lbs18,000 - 21,000 lbs
Stopping Distance280 ftAround 250 ft
Interior CabStandard30% More sq ft
Center of GravityHigh Above Frame RailAt or Below Frame Rail
Torque VectoringNoYes
6X4 Four-Wheel DriveNoYes
Extra Value per Load$0.00$1,000 ($0.50 per lb)
CPM in Fuel$0.60 - $0.85$0.20 - $0.30
Longevity500,000 Miles1 Million Miles+
Lease Payment$2,200$5,000
Fuel per Month$10,000$0.00
Maintenance per Month$0.12 per mile$0.06 per mile
Motor Type800V AC Motors
Battery Capacity320kWh Lithium Ion
TransmissionTwo speed Automated with Direct Drive and Low-Noise Gears
Drive System Type6X4 Four-Wheel Drive
Active Descent ControlComes Standard
CoolingBiodegradeable Non-Electrically Conductive Liquid Coolant
FrameSteel & Aluminum
5th WheelsAlcoa Aluminum
Front AxlesNikola™ 12-14.6K lbs.
Front SuspensionIndependent
Rear AxlesNikola™ – Tandem – 40-46K lbs.
Rear SuspensionIndependent
Rear HubsAlcoa Super Singles
Front BrakesMeritor EX225 Air Disc with Regenerative Electric Motor Braking
Rear BrakesMeritor EX225 Air Disc with Regenerative Electric Motor Braking
Parking BrakeAir Parking Brake
HoodCarbon Fiber
BumperAerodynamic Body Color Matched Aluminum
Front Tires295 75 R22.5
Rear Tires445 50 R 22.5
WheelsCast Aluminum Alcoa
Fuel TanksCompressed Hydrogen
CabCarbon Fiber
Ground ClearanceTBD
Overall Vehicle Size (L x W x H)TBD
Payload Capacity65,000 Lbs
Person CapacityTeam Driver
Air DryersMeritor Wabco
Air TanksAluminum
Estimated Dry Weight18,000 - 21,000 lbs
Fifth WheelHOLLAND FWAL aluminum fifth wheel
Display Monitors21" Infotainment (1) 10" Instrument Cluster
Color / GraphicsWhite, Red, Blue
Electronic Power Steering800V electric driven hydraulic power steering
LightingWhite LED, High/Low & Red LED Tail/Brake Lights
InstrumentationDigital Gauge, Speedometer, Odometer, Tripmeter, Tachometer, Coolant Temperature, Volt Meter, Hour Meter, Service Indicator, Clock, Distance to Empty, Fuel Gauge, Hi-Temp Light, Seatbelt Reminder Light, 2 DC Outlets